Amongst Baleful Opponents Read Count : 13

Category : Poems

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Within this haunted house is a glory to any who holds no remorse, who favors discourse,

The enemies are surrounding my sense of peace to keep me on my knees, feeling uneased as they watch me shallowly breathe,

Tension with animosity in the highest caliber with a deathly velocity, 
the settling of my heart looses its viscosity, 
under attack from a grandiose ferocity, 
her uneased curiosity to my empath generosity, 
blinded me to this darkened luminosity, 
in life's true tests against an impious monstrosity,

Seashells of shattered memories, 
scattered along the sanded treasuries, 
filthy and tainted with malevolent treacheries, 
collapsing within the darkened histories, 
rewriting fate without any remedies,

These sentries boneless without honorable moments,
Becoming your closest adversary to abominable omens,
I've noticed what's been spoken from these rodents,
Holding my breath Amongst Baleful Opponents.


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