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You don't need me the way I need you. 
 You can tell me lies,
 But you can't lie to me all the time -
 I won't pretend to believe you.

  You don't know what you want, 
Today you are sweet, 
Tomorrow you are like
 A phase of the pale moon.  

I pretend I don't care,
 But I see how you react.
I can hear the echoes of your past - 
Calling you to go back. 

 You don't know what to tell me,
 I don't know what I want to hear,
 In this game we will both lose:
Time, money, love.  

I don't know where you want to go, 
 I don't know if the space you leave 
Between your thin fingers
 Is the same space for my hand and tears.
Please let me in through your feelings!


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