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I let the phone ring and listened to my heart,
 For the first time it wanted to save me 
From the clutches of the past.  

I felt guilty, then I woke up, 
Trying not to remember 
What her heartbeat sounded like -
  As I did every morning.

My hands were shaking
 But I was still on my feet,
 Although I felt like I was falling over
 All my memories of her -
 And everything I had to go through.
Ah, so many memories!

  But she had a part that she held only for herself,
 But she had a lie caught in her childish smile,
 Inside her words and mouth and breath.

I let the sun burn to hide in the shade, 
But I let her look for me in the desert. 
 I wanted to save her,
 But she didn't need to be saved.
 I wanted to protect her
 But she didn't need my protection.


  • really Nice ma'am....

    Apr 08, 2021

  • Apr 16, 2021

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