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It helps my lungs breathe 
Through the kiss she leaves on my lips.
  It leaves my heart like new
 When her words are sweet, 
Colorful and true.

  I watch her as she exposes every emotion,
 Making me get rid of my doubts, 
Out of my imagination.  

It helps the pores of my skin 
To breathe when it touches me, 
When it asks for caresses, 
When it is deep but hard to see her with me.

 She helps my life to rise, 
Reaching heaven through her eyes.
 Her mouth is my way, 
Running and feeling safe for today.


  • Beautiful🥀

    Apr 07, 2021

  • beautiful ma'am 😊

    Apr 07, 2021

  • Apr 07, 2021

  • Apr 16, 2021

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