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Movies are a terrible mess of potentials and movements that should make up a watchable alike form of viewing or monitoring-slash-watching to view from perspective of the unusuall wizardry and usual wizardry of what's real, fake or made to be either, versus or compatible with what's is or could-slash-can be real or fake at any give fake time; but not given real-fake time (t.v.-slash-television).

Movie review #1 : Man this is so real and so terrible of everyone envolved.

1 The items and areas are too exspensive and are always a form of camera trick to make fag-loser virtual reality in-set mod of " ' " being there "" '' "" on the road "" '' " " ' " that goes RIGHT teough it.

2 Most of the actors and actresses have STOLEN SOMETHING serious; like a full version of a song or some colors people would for surely like.

Movie review #2 : Wow, they put they stuff ALL in it.

1 I've seen really sad 1-14 minute movies that are only a threat (mostly by SCOOBY-DOO COSTUME gUYS); all of those movies are in fact.

2 They keep yelling perverted things on and even promise evil-works to do that look and sound peverted as well off screen (surprisingly found on the back of a V.H.S. [useually a picture of a-hellraiser-guy-slash-guys]).

Movie review #3 : They obviously ALL come from America and keep getting threatened in Florida.

1 The movies themselves are being threatened; the actors, the sound effects and the OVERS.. all being threatened all DESTROY YOU FOR IT BY FLORIDA in shave or resemb... ..even in the best of or the most alluring:  animation.

2 I've found out what lies were back then for sure, but when the green ranger gremlin die in every movie to turn into niggers working (hah) it pans over Florida TWICE and Anerica admits it's-hAND in visual wrong doings over recordings.

3 Other places to see Florida do the same:
2 movie franchises
1 Spy Kids
2 Duce Bigalo Male Jiggalo

3 t.v. shows
1 Doctors
2 Nacy Drew Grace
3 Oliver Twist

6 books
1 Tales From The Crypt #1
2 Goosebumps #2
3 Stephen King's REDEMptION
4 Oliver Twist by Malev Shelvby
5 Monical Louewinski by RAGE
6 Boom Baby BabyBoomer by Sam's Club

13 letters of estates
1 The Costitution
2 The Revffreprhemandum
3 The Obvious Que of AREA 51
4 Tampa Bay Times (continued!?.??)
5 Public Doc. 1
6 Massive Effect -order #2
7 Jumpin'-Jjumparoo Lodge 68
8 Fantastic THING
9 Grim Reaprrr
10 Hail Mary 5
11 Goose and Grimn' b-a12 222
12 The Devil Rays Stadium [MOST NOTEworthy]
13 Blacklaw LAW 4


2 full length movies
1 Black Dynamite
2 Spy Kids 1-3 THE Movie

Movie review #4 : Dude, they're so NASTY after reviewal or rethought; even in view or anything considered like it... ..even if it's just a discription.

1 They film it in such an ill or quitting-action way, it's probably NEVER worth it.

2 They allways try or suggest in a no matter what way no matter what about sex sometimes so badly it turns into a horrible-JOKE-moment involving defecation, body onimonipias, urination or just picking on someone to death(?!!??).

3 The lights and sounds of doing it with SEX like we know it is;.. and will try to call it from now on...'s just always so astranged and abrupt like they snuck it; THIS in all by themselves and they didnt need help, because it was originally an attack and they'd consider it a weapon.

Movies are a very abrupt and useually offensive part of life; even if they where all good in any way they would always be so direct and directed.
That's where they fail and abruptly end peoples Mystery Science Theater (a t.v. show where they overtalk instead of watch movies and ridicule them useually.) entertainments with some form of disrespect at any given great or bad time of commentary thought from someone active or even activated trough fear or antagization in tire or laziness (probably even of body.).

So, all in all what type of product is a movie and what could, should, or can they be for; or if not to be-for anything.. ...what are they used for, or being used for;.. or on?

Movies are a homicidal form of presentation that hold no imagination or references of their own.
Making them too useful for gains and losses to any means by all means even if disposable when or If it can if or when it has the means or tools used on or against it to do so.
Meaning movies are useually made for a NATURAL reason of light or time wasted-to-degain.
To waste or degain time or light requires a very powerful TRANSACTION of noises; and is usually found accidentally in nature by way of cotastrophy or meaning-of-life (to fall and die into a stump like a tree can).

Light or the progression of time from present to future actually waste no time to become sharp and view itself off it's own sharpness; noises are surprisingly ALMOST sharp, so allways almost filming a new movie by cutting it into a water like bead holding it's initial degain of sharp to the very last in photoesqe view down from top mid CLOCKWISE to the bottom mid... ..even every time.
It remains even via (directly flowing obviously in the direction you seem or SEE or can see FORWARD or as forward.) or directly connected with light and when light decompresses light trough or with a sharp 14 reflections are made at the side on the top left on an obvious bottom-rounded-triangle that shoots all 14 reflections with light using the devastating force of degain to mend and burn the lights together in an action known simply as twaining.
Twaining uses water like particle and dryness to hold any reflective thing within burn to hold it second for second, and reel it even-so.

Whilst very easy to belive if you've seen a movie before, not so much if you've never experienced a movie like:

Movie review No. 1 : It was too threatening; I don't ever want to do this again.

Just as they will one day, you have already; you all will know of some natural burden being terrorized by a group of evil people doing loud things.. ..trying to blame them for THESE MOVIES 'yo.

It's true boe; sad,.. but true.!

We got it, they got it;.. we get it, ..they get it.

No, they won't or don't make them any other way than this.

What movies
--Do : Movies surprisingly are easy to define in simplistic definition because it's an (allword).
Movies do things,... ..okay; in a serious and dangerous way.
Okay is the ability to almost be cutting yourself and movies DO that alot.
Alot is actually 14 terms of cuts processed or looking recorded in less than 15 minutes(over 15 minutes is called Jackkking.).
Alot is what movies do when they gain a cool deep water-like appeal.
They all do this endevitably making the latesttime to find it happening in the mid;.. ...and it doesn't look as good as if it were the beginning, or before the producers logo like 20th Century FOX Films do.
Movies do 800 actions at once and make 14 mistakes every 18 days; making Harry Potter movies..  ...sad at least.?!!?
They skip and cut the film per showing to individual pair of eyes through the use and uses Green Trick 7 (Wooooo.).
:Okay... ..but what do movies do?
::Movies make people out of money or into money holding objects to die wrong and-slash-or wrongly.
That is all.
What could movies do am I right yo'?!
1 Movies can cut you
2 Movies can turn you into something else made of money 
3 Movies can find you
and finally
4 Movies can like-slash-love things into death:-that-is-all.

Movies couldn't do much; even though you may think of other more social or even sociable reasonsings or imaginations about them, they actually could not be in any way used for movements or movement of people or peoples.. ...or you all wouldn't live by being cut to death by some rouge not-me-stealing-so-close-to-home... ..but THIS-hobojunkie.
Movies cant go or be used very far making them TRULY able TO DO very LITTLE.

---Accomplish: I mean, like;.. what could they even accomplish now right?!.!

1 Lieing

Movies can accomplish lieing in a good or a bad way; but in a TRULY accomplish way.
To accomplish means: to do so and ~LIKE every-body-slash-everybody saw it.

2. Being proven wrong

Even though it hasn't worked on them yet, I swear movies can do this for people on or off the screen in a terrifying real world event known as: niggers listening.

They'll say and do stuff to help prove YOU wrong(ahahahahaha);.. alright.

It could work in an enbravement or unshallowing of people or peoples way.. well;.. the original science fiction universe, niggers destroyed... ..where they learned to look alot nicer than us SOMEHOW.

3 RAISE political or politicall standarts

Wow... ..what; oh, I'm just looking up at these words like:
They don't EVEN THINK THEY OWE YOU MONEY,... ..alright.
They use words like those in court about finance and enensurance.
Finance is the ability to wrong and die.
Enensurance is the ability to withhold money from estate or estates as long as pay TOWARDS-WIDTH is promised in the future at ANY time.

Towards-width means after they have damaged or financially seized illegal ownership of one item, items, or property they were told on and became DEAD ON PERPOUS feigning importance in leadership-NOW.

So; how could it have raised any sane political or politicall standarts? 




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