Clay, Ray, May: Episode 4 Read Count : 17

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Sub Category : Fantasy
"Look it here boys, Mr. Tough guy is on the floor, bleeding." Commented one of the boys. They all chuckled. Clay sat on the ground bleeding from his mouth and nose. One of them grabbed Clay by his collar and brought him to his feet. "Next time, stay out of stuff you can't defend yourself in, got it?" They took turns punching him in the stomach.

Other kids were running to the group recording. Some of the staff watching ignored the problem.

Clay took all the punches, he didn't try to defend himself. May yelled from the top of her lungs in terror. The boys saw her, they kept punching Clay, ignoring her.
"Leave him alone, jerks!" May cried trying to pull them away from Clay.
"Gosh your annoying," said one of the boys pushing her to the ground. "Just because you come from a rich family, doesn't make you special!"

The boy went in to kick her. A scream filled the air and something came in between May and the boy's foot. May started tearing up, "She has nothing to do with this!" Yelled Clay standing up slowly, "keep her out of this!" Everyone around backed away. The air surrounding them started to heat up. The group went in to punch and kick Clay, "Don't get cocky kid!" Clay blocked two kicks and three punches. He got one punch in on the boy who tried to kick May. The boys took off crying. Clay collapsed on the ground, bleeding out.
"Clay no! I'm calling 911, stay with me Clay! Please!"


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