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I know you miss me,
 I'm stuck in the alcohol you sometimes drink -
 When you try not to remember, 
But your heart won't let you forget 
Things about me from the past.

  I know you remember my words, 
Just as I remember all the lies you told me. 
 I know that because of you,
 It's hard for me to trust the person
 Who loves me. 

 I would like you not to call me, 
You already know that I will not answer, 
Things between us are long over, 
I do not want to go back there.
  Never.  Do not wait for me.

  I'm sorry it ended like this, 
You remained a shadow over my heart.
 When you will remember me, 
Remember the hard times
 When you left me alone at home -
Crying, waiting for you to come back.

 I don't hate you, 
I don't have feelings anymore, 
But I know that because of you, 
I can't trust people so easily.


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    Apr 06, 2021

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