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The concept of yearning for completion leaves your wooden heart oblivious to the truth,
by adding fuel to the fire which leaves it scorched, a hidden pain you cannot construe,

Attempts at fixing the broken soul of another,
denied my growth of this Wooden heart for i knew no better,

The knots showed pain I tried to hide with swirls of emotion I would never confide,

The poison that prevented my growth was removed,
by dissection which showed under the surface bruised,

Now with roots to regain growth so I could finally move on,
Heartfelt sap still dripping, I'm healing from nurturing photons,

My mind is as clear as the sky,
while I meditate through the pain at night,

The parasites, the poisons,
the controlling connections,
the unhealthy obsessions,

Never again will I go back to forfeiting control,
Never again will I fall into another sink hole,

The control stunted my wooden hearts growth,
The pain sheered thin layers until it almost broke,
The parasites filled my lungs until I almost choked,
In the end, I'm hardened and exemplified through the smoke,
Now I can see the truth and the light is uncloaked,

I will no longer be taken for granted,
Because this Wooden Heart can now be transplanted,
For my Soulful Guidance can take over as it's implanted.

To preserve and protect this Enchanted Heart


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