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Memories from my past life 
can’t reveal the truth to me 
if I knew everything had happened 
I’d have many health complications 
come back onto me and feel every emotion 
I used to have before don’t know, what happened to me maybe might felt 
much sharp pain within me, 
I might scream, and my body could 
be shaken out of control. 
Many people surrounding me 
one of my close friends felt his 
heart rate can’t stop beating fast 
give me a tight hug won’t let me go 
saying things to me that I need to hear 
“ I’m so sorry what I did to you hurt you 
I feel bad about breaking up with you, all I 
want you, to be you were when I first met you
Can I say something to make you feel better? 
Can I be your boyfriend once more? 
To be honest, I do love you so much, and 
I want you back onto, in my arms I’ll love you 
rest of my life. 
Tell the truth I need to get back to you and 
get married and have, live our lives with each 
other I’m not saying, but I’ll do it to show you 
how much I love you okay please feel better I love my babe”. 
He kisses me on my lips while hugging me tightly 
his love magical heal me completely 
wake up with a smile and hug, as 
I reply yes, of course, I’ll give you 
another chance to get back to me again 
I give him a tight hug and touching, his back 
let him cry onto my shoulder 
comforting words into his ears 
and I know you didn’t mean it 
understand you been through so much 
throughout your life, I embrace all of your flaws 
and everything within you, 
no matter what you did to me, I still love you and I know you’re just like me and I can understand, what you’re going through. 
I’m here for you my sweetheart darling 
I say to you, I’m hungry my cutie 
you say to me wait here I’m going to buy 
foods and take care of you, all by myself”. 
Touch me before leaving and come back 
afterward, you say to me let me feed you 
my love”. 
Drink my water and want to use the 
bathroom, and you take me thereafter 
you take me back, to my hospital bed 
a year later I’m fully healed and can take care 
of myself. 
But our relationship keep being stronger than ever, you take me to a romantic place 
kneel your knees and propose, 
The wedding bell rings, our marriage 
and live our lives with each other 
wish this fantasy life come into reality. 




  • Apr 06, 2021

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