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Why don't you tell me the things
 You want to hear from me? 
 If you behave coldly with me, 
How can I be sweet with you, my dear?

  Our hearts cannot be connected, 
Our kisses cannot melt, 
Our hugs cannot bring peace 
Instead of unhappiness and tears. 

 Why do you ask me
 What you can't give me?
  If you change your state often, 
How do I know when you are real?

Love has been on the lips of many liars, 
Why don't you tell me what you want 
From me now, dear?

I'm tired of running after you,
 I'm tired of making plans, 
I'll stay here, if you want, come close to me.


  • Apr 06, 2021

  • very nice ma'am..

    Apr 06, 2021

  • Apr 06, 2021

  • Martine LAFERE

    Martine LAFERE


    Apr 06, 2021

  • Apr 16, 2021

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