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This conflict that had prevented our love from being perfect,
Is another test bigger then all of the rest, a paramount stress,
The moon no longer sets, the sun shining to help us forget,
A hope that was always there because I always cared,
My love was hibernating, ready to heal wounds debilitating,
Reaching with both hands out, they were so cold in this fallout,
Longing for a return to home within your soul as I'm alone,
I never lost faith as my heart bled becoming v shaped,
We have a family that will never become another casualty,
Because I love you, gaining strength in another breakthrough,
Always ready, I'll be steady, just say you want to be with me,
You won't have to be in captivity, I'll fill your cavities,
Because your other half is waiting, 
My heart beats for you pulsing,
Here for you always advocating,
I'll be planning our future calculating,
We'll make it through communicating,
I'm alive for you not to be dating,
But be your guidance in life's mating,
I know this situation has you contemplating,
As we're falling down in figure skating,
I'll pick us up without hesitating,
For failure it's not an option, no negotiating,
This chained love will soon be emancipating. 


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