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My emotions current flow,

is as a steady as a calm river flow,

 that soothes my soul.

Every once in a while the over-current,

will scramble my emotions an my mind.

I can feel the forces,

within myself,

reach a crescendo at certain moments in my life.

Whirl wind stirs the storm,

at times an the whirl wind will become at ease.

An will soothe over in time,

As a peaceful water fall that flows.

It may come an go,

an has come an gone,

at different periods in times of my life.

An will at different times in my future.

Will it be different times?

Will it be different places?

One thing I know,

I will be prepared for it an will release the victory flow,

As I will rise through the ashes.

I will not fall back in “the dark place”,

I do not want to end up in that asylum,

or lose my insanity once more.

Or let my reality depart from my sane mind.

Changing my negative to positive outlooks,

Changing my fear to faith,

Changing my surroundings for a better outcome.

Changing my influences from bad to good.

I believe in my prospective for the future,

and can be more of my life's accomplishments.

Continue with my day to day successful goals.

From start to finish,

Not straying or become sluggish on half completed,

or making excuses for not completing,

what I started.

Or delay the successful progress I already made.

I need to stay determined to not stray from my uncompleted goals,

I set for myself.

But be proud what I have already accomplished.

Once I have completed the goals,

I can stand proud on that summit,

an yell; “I did it!”

Accept that I shine in this world.

Not let the Hatred of others,

become flooded with emotions towards me.

Bother me or Bother my flow,

Continue my day, day in an day out.

If my flight or fright response kick in,

or I feel confused as what to do,

Pray to my higher power for guidence.

I rather still take flight then feel frightened.

I rather stay strong not let the haters bother my flow.

I still will be on that summit,

looking down an realize I am still a shining star on this world.


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