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'm a big wreck

With my sin and disease

I'm a big wreck

Should be down on my knees

Never been one not to give it my all

I'm a big wreck

Whenever I fall

Living my life

Chasing after sin

Thought it was big fun

So where do I begin

Wasn't anything that

I wouldn't do

But I found the ones

That would most likely do

To bring about death

And darkness abound

Keep me buried

Deep in the ground

No light shining

On my path

No barriers between

Me and Your wrath

I never did worry

About my soul

Never thought twice

Which way I would go

Now all that's changed

I'm a new man

And now I'm living

The best that I can

But sometimes

My best ain't enough

And the path I have chosen

Sometimes it's rough

But I know

That there is a plan

If I just hang on

Just hang tough

I'm a big wreck

Even down on my knees

I'm a big wreck

Oh GOD help me please

Never been good at coming to you

I'm a big wreck

Show me what I should do


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    Apr 07, 2021

  • Apr 16, 2021

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