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My Omen came within a single moment, 
It was unspoken of who was my opponent,
The feelings I had were broken as I was frozen,
For what was stolen is the chapter I'll reopen.

Frisking for the truth to protect the youth,
Put me in jeopardy without any remedy,
I was lost at what would be the cost,
Because I never knew in this deja vu,
We're at war again, but she would pretend,
That the loves real as she pulls out to steal. 

She's knows how to sell the show,
Setting the stage for everyone to know,
She forced me out knowing I'd stay low,
Putting my family under a guillotine blow,
Evicting me every night under her shadow,
Knowing I'd do what she wants in the snow,
Her plan was working while I was in the undertow,
She's moved into the darkness with an emory glow.

I'm in torment fully awake for 6 painful nights,
She's seducing another with my kids in plain sight,
Unable to come home for the guillotine gave me fright,
I did whatever she wanted to keep my family within the light,
But I knew inside that our love resembled a torn kite,
Flailing in circles and ready to crash like a meteorite.

During this week I had an awakening mixed with an epiphany,
I knew that my love for the kids is all that mattered, I saw things differently,
She may have destroyed my sense of being, because of her bigotry,
But my love for the girls was now all that mattered to me,
Regardless of any loss before my path, I was to overcome willfully,
Never did I know such pain ahead would shatter me instantly,
Because I knew that if our bond were to be broken, even immorally,
I would be there for her, to share our future together infinitely,
The children are why we met, why we have shown brilliancy,
So long as I'm alive, I would always have sympathy,
Beware of broken promises is what my spirit warned timidly,
For her villainy was viciously coming out soon in this trilogy.

The last night in my expulsion from her lies,
I come home unannounced and I'm surprised,
One too many vehicles are there, a dreadful surmise,
My heart is beating harder counter clockwise,
I know what I'm about to find, a mistress in a devilish disguise,
Concealed in her snake eyes, was the start of my demise.

The truth hurt as I looked over to my children's room,
All along they were exposed to her impeding doom,
The reasons for my daughter's shaking now consumed,
Because everything makes sense, why they were blue,
If only I knew, I would of prevented these harrowing wounds.

I left immediately to avoid catastrophe,
To prevent exposure of this blasphemy,
The pain was too much for my eyes to see,
Driving my arms lose control, losing reality,
Feeling numb everywhere I can't feel anything,
The pain was too fast, feeling like an amputee,
My soul is instantly drifting in the dead sea,
She never cared nor had any sympathy,
Because she destroyed our family in vanity.

Closing the deal on what was real,
Going through the seven stages of grief,
With too much to feel because of the steal,
I'm to sever all ties with this lowly thief,
I made a choice to silence my voice,
And be there for my kids, give relief,
They're alone and unable to use a phone,
I'm back the next day to be there for keeps, 
So I'm to swallow my heart and press restart,
Because I'm their savior floating on a wilted leaf,
For I'm their salvation from her coming Clandestine Conflagration.


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