Kimiverse Easter Part 3 Read Count : 21

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Childrens

(The girl crawls around in the grass and feels all around)

(Kal sniffs around and barks)

The girl: I’m looking for my glasses, can you help me Kal?

(Kal jumps around, finds the glasses, and gives them to the girl)

(The girl smiles and puts her glasses on)

(Kal barks and jumps)

The girl: Thank you very much, now can you tell me why are you here?

(Kal barks and points to a tree)

The girl: You mean you are with those girls that are getting swallowed by the sand.

(Kal barks and nods)

The girl: Oh, well why didn’t you say so?

(The girl grabs Kal and runs to the tree which is near the sand)

(The girl turns her hands into bunny paws and touches the tree)

(The tree sucks the sand away)

(Once the sand is gone, it’s revealed to be the girls and one boy from kimiverse)

(The girls get up)

The original girl: My name is Echo. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Lucy: I’m Lucy, you must be the guardian of this place.

Echo: I am.

Cutie pie: I’m Cutie pie.

Twinkle: I am Twinkle.

Tani: I am Tani

Zinnia: I am Zinnia.

Phoenix: I am Phoenix

Journee (jumps on Phoenix): I am Journee

Kevin: I’m Kevin

Eve: I am Eve

Kimi: I am Kimi.

Kimipie: I’m Kimipie.

Kanisha: I am Kanisha.

Odette: I am Odette.

Melody: I am Melody

Icreama: I am Icreama.

Alula: I am Alula.

Princess K: I am Princess Kassidy, well technically queen now.

Kai: I’m Kai

Kim: I am Kim

Tina: I am Tina

Betty: I am Betty

Xylah: I am Xylah

Suzi: I am Suzi

Echo: So, you all came here to meet him.

(Everybody nodded)

(Echo makes a flute appear and blows in it)

(Episode ends with the place shaking)


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