Kimi Verse Easter Part 2 Read Count : 17

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Childrens

(The episode opens with the characters in Kimiverse smiling at the audience in a red room with a huge curtain)

Lucy: Everybody happy Easter (drinks some wine)

Twinkle: Hope all of you are enjoying yourself 

Icreama: It’s good to see you all

Eve: Today, we are going to show you a special from kimiverse.

Keira: Where today are we going to meet a special mascot of Easter?

Kimi: Who we haven’t met?

Kanisha: I bet it’s a bit of a shock.

Cutie pie: But it is true, we haven’t met the Easter bunny.

Zinnia: I can't actually believe he exists.

Phoenix: And he is married.

Journee: I don’t find it that shocking after all we have discovered crazier things.

Odette: She is right.

Melody: Too true, we have met many crazy creatures that we thought were myths.

(A bright light shines and is revealed to be a portal)

(The portal sucks all of them)

(The screen opens with Kal opening her eyes and seeing she is getting licked by a horse)

(Kal barks, while looking confused)

A voice: Hey, why can’t I see anything.

(Kal turns around to see a 14-year-old girl who has long messy black hair, brown skin, wearing a blue shirt, yellow pants, and white shoes with an long python tail)

(The girl crawls around in the grass and feels all around)


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