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I don't have time for me,
I gave it to you for free,
But you want more,
I just want to be understood.

  I see you more than a friend,
You tell me that you also have feelings.
If you are going to hurt me,
Tell me now, baby.

I barely talk to my friends,
I barely have time to breathe,
Your needs have become a priority for me.

If you're going to play, tell me.
I don't want to be hurt anymore.
I don't want to hurt you,
I just want to be understood.

I'm sad when I see you sad,
And I feel like I can't change your mood.
I've lived in toxicity for a long time,
I just want to be understood.


  • Oh so lovely

    Apr 03, 2021

  • Some potently powerful words. <3

    Apr 03, 2021

  • beautiful ma'am 😊

    Apr 04, 2021

  • Apr 16, 2021

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