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When your mouth inhales the words from mockers,
And your eyes get flooded with tears,
When you make an exist in a channel of entrance,
And life's realities begin to unravel in your path,
Making your responsibilities bigger than the cross you bear,
When drinks pop in the air for it's friday night,
And you feel an emptiness despite the void you carry,
Tearing you apart like a veil, a rift that needs a closing,
Making the rhythm of your heartbeat beats,
Like the beckoning drums of the jumanjians for another trouble
When your life seems like a dream, a game,
Trying to wake from and staying alive or get dead in it and die for real,
And the night, for the hunters to hunt you in your cold-hot sleep,
Lacing your bed with a mandrake root, fading off your spirit,
With the charmed bracelet, warding off your strength.
Never panick, Neva worry, Be calm and lean on these words,
That for all the troubles you encounter,
And the ones you might still encounter,
I am with you anywhere and everywhere you go, to give you a love and protection for many,
Even when you are alone.
But remember, that those words,
Those promises were never mine,
But words from your father, your God, your creator,
Who knew thee even before he formed thee.
Thomas Oluwatosin
© Fearless Lines 


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    Apr 03, 2021

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