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Thank you all for dealing with my passive aggressive behavior lately when it comes to politics...I am just so mad and frustrated and at times I think I am the only one seeing what I think is so wrong. It is not based on political party, its just common sense that seems have escaped the bulk of the USA. This whole COVID has been a major factor and a tool (excuse) wrongly used against us and our freedoms and liberties...they constantly change the rules, their theories, install fear telling us we will never get back to normal, if we are good we might be allowed to celebrate 4th of July, trying to impose the vaccines on us, which studies have found that they could be putting people in more danger by giving the vaccine to people who already had covid or have strong T cells which gives immunity from it. We have lost so much (over a year!)due to this virus, we have have grown weak due to the government injecting their ridiculous orders because they want to control us while we are down..almost like brainwashing, reprogramming us in order to not have unity(power) because government has really imposed themselves into our private lives creating chaos, division and paranoia...and using race constantly labeling everyone so we can turn on each other..it needs to stop...we need to pray for protection and for us to be able to see what God wants us to see and how to stand up against it and to UNITE TOGETHER and fight...fight this stupid cancel culture and the constant racial lies.  This is our country, not the governments!!They were put there by We the People, they are to be working for us and protecting us, not controlling us and putting us in danger and gain more power at our expense.I pray for everyone that reads this, that God is going to help us get back our lives and strength to stand together and say enough. There is another chance of us being locked down again and the CDC and fauci continuously  put fear in us everyday, that there is "a new variant coming" I know the majority of you have a gut feeling something is off, but we are being so distracted by them constantly sounding the alarm about covid, having to be in a mask, worried that you might offend someone or that you my be perceived as being racist and now possibly having to have a vaccine passport in order to travel or attend events, just to live and enjoy our God given rights in this country. Thats exactly where this current administration wants us to be.  Please let's all get our strength back and fight...call them out on their lies..post it and always try to have proof of the truth. We can do this...we need to unite because we are losing our country. 


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