Endless Instability Read Count : 22

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The wreaking of havoc was her personal caveat, 
an endless war drum to see others undone, 
her overdue pleasures couldn't be measured, 
as everything's destroyed within the void, 
feeling the smirk as she would work, 
none could stabilize as you would realize, you're in too deep as the evil would creep.

Lending your hand always left you feeling unappreciated,
Mending the sand always kept her healing manipulated,
Falling between your fingers as she escaped,
Failing routine of pain lingers deeply unshaped,
Trying again to protect her from the demon inside,
Crying arcane of neglect from the treason joyride.
Helping the hopeless in one final attempt,
Rebelling all closeness in a viral discontent.

As the cycle continues without a close,
The Narcissist plays within the shadows,
To show her the light would never expose,
For her intentions are to discard and dispose,
Any attempts are Endless and only shows,
That the Instability is all she ever knows.


  • Apr 03, 2021

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