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What life really means when the person that raised you has died???? My momma/grandma just recently passed and my life has literally turned upside down even more than it already has. Weeks have passed since we buried my grandma and 
Truth be told I’m not ok with not by a long shot. I cry and cry when I’m alone sometimes and I cry in front of my wife; my heart has broken and the crazy part is my so called mother has yet to call me and check on me, but have the time to call my brothers. None of my family has tried to reach out to me but my cousin Shelly and two of my brothers. My family has accused me of stealing my grandparents money and stealing money out of my grandma wallet. That shit really rubbed me the wrong way and makes me feel even more divided from them. I have reached a deep deep depression to the point I just want to cut again, but I know my grandmother wouldn’t want me to do it again. Life is hard as hell right now and to be honest I wish my mother would just be there.. I wish my family would be here for me; but that’s never going to happen because my family doesn’t give a fuck about me, they don’t care and a part of me wish I was never born in a family that hates me. They make me feel like I’m just an orphan who doesn’t belong. I feel like the only person that truly loved me is gone and my grandfather I can’t get to. I’ve been kicked out of my grandparents house and I haven’t seen my grandfather since the day of my grandma funeral. I’ll never be the same again!!!!


  • Apr 03, 2021

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