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Hope - verb - The ability with 'the eyes' that tries really hard to hurt something ' 'in front of you' '.

Enslavement - verb - The ability to be an evil person whenever you and they want to. [2021]

Evil - adjective - The ability to be unbearable and shitty in every way verbally preferably before being seen.

Shitty - adverb - Like your want, but in some way you dont want and you know that no one or nobody else would want this way as well.

Trial - noun - A place where only costumes and DOOM may rest (usually rigged).

DOOM - verb - To drain the shadow completely out of a Life or object. (Life spelt that way)

Life - verb - To snuff out six colors at once with perpous, on perpous or by accident.

Perpous - adverb - To use hope in a wishful way to a supposed or imagined new advantage.

life - noun - (Spelt this way) [Unlike Life or lifE] A place where too many have died before without the weight of 800 American dollars.

lifE - adjective - The raw ability for honey (the spice.[all lower case.]) to hurt a, the, or your mouth in a small or large quantity.

Tutorial - verb - To terrorize a screen to show somebody something, usually send in a shotty or shitty way(by a nigger or a Member of Hippies).

nigger - noun - A machine made by Hippies with microphones that acts like humanity with a full group and innerworkings of false-to-faked humans with humanities. (Designed to rub smells onto items to destroy them minorly into tiny sharp objects[true.]{ always on the upsides}.

Nigger - noun - (Unless used on something shitty with it's OWN sentence structure..) A person you know personally that's being too unsane and talkative in inebriation or annoyance.

Member - verb - An occultist-Hippies last stand(!). [Made fur-real friends.]

Hippie - noun - A person over a mic using a speaker against you RIGHT NOW and RIGHTNOW. (Useually found CRUSHED [still annoying though] UNDER buildings.)

fur-real - verb - (the only fur- [spelt that way]) To Friends something to a new life or consciousness of fire.

fire - noun - A type of color that's warm to all things.  ( Warning : fire is TRUELY very low.and stays that way.) [Hippes love to throw hot asprin at it {thrive own way /yelling :: ' hot ' trough a mic over a speaker/}.

Friends - noun - When fire turn green making it's hot asprin on it's own.

turn - verb - (The only one (spelt this way]) To amass weight somehow only to the right. (Only niggerS have been recorded over any period of time doing turn or turn like things[true.].)

honey - noun - (A spice [-natural!{spelt that way}]) Originating perpousfully from Hippies in the HANDS of bees (true.) and made that way as well [also true.]; it's a dry like sticky substance that's too much like wet dust or foam made from the absence of vanilla near, around, or underneath sugar.

Bees - noun - A non-mammal (meaning comprised of numbers and metals) of the Floridan West coast that is the only thing registered for by itself and by itself [meaning all bees are considered one and are in a large enough conglomeration that at least 14 people have had to had lived to die within it as an island to claim against it [the obvious work of niggerS controlled by Hippies.]{That many bees considered one was rejected as it's own islands this way /happened in 1996!/}.

bes (or Bes) - noun - (Sounds alot like Bees [and is the closest version of the onimonpia bees {that comes of the sharpness of trees/true./ \trees - (lessened) -- noun - an area of sharp noise found between more than 5 trees [loudness is all the heightens if the trees grow too close together] {true too.}.\) The ability to conquer 400 tiles of math-like structure in less than 4 minutes [ 240 seconds {true as well. } /60 seconds a minute \as well true.\/.

comprised - verb - To obviously not be made out of niggerS.

considered (all lower cased) - adverb - To reem 17 ideas or Hippies together to make new-lands.

Considered (capitolized) - noun - A, the, The or -the place you make or would choose in accident; or by accidental perpous to make in your focused-eye-site of your focus on the present of eye sight or eye-sights if you were to be thinking over another person.

A - verb - To pretend or not to pretend to hatch, or have the ability to hatch; right now (after the present[true.]) a new scheme, plot or IDEA.

the - verb - To underestimate the present over and over again to exhaustion to create a new onimonpialess space. (Used the right way everytime in an accidental way in: writing, Writing, scripting, jotting and talking-slash-speaking[true.].)

writing - adverb - To justify 12 actions at once or at one time in sound affect accomplishing something. (True. [truely happens]){accomplish - (shortened) - To rendeer 14 people or things (preferably people in an obvious seen and obvious said way) into 9 places or things at once.} /- verb - affect compared to - noun - effect: affect - (short) - To boast.\:: effect - (short) - To cower in-place.\/


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