THE HOUSE LIZARD.... Read Count : 48

Category : Poems

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A little creature,
Light wooden colored.
With a tall tail,
And with a long tongue.
Crawling continuously,
On my blue wall.
Her appearance is little creepy,
Insects are getting scared.
I think myself too,
But I am not getting afraid.
I am abhorrent of her,
For her ugly appearance.
For her ugliness,
I don't know, Who to blame?
That little creature
Or her creator?
But wait....
Isn't it possible?
That, what we are thinking about her?
Might, she is also thinking for us
the same......


  • I love to write, right or wrong, i don't care. now i am practicing to give words to my thoughts and imagination.... and in order to learn, it may contain some errors... but now i am practicing to improve these errors 😊🙏🙏🙏

    Apr 02, 2021

  • Not much mistakes in this, Nicely done

    Apr 03, 2021

  • 👍👍

    Apr 03, 2021

  • Well done

    Apr 05, 2021

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