: Leaving You All For Dead Read Count : 23

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Sub Category : YoungAdult
By Brave Master

"'" Reading isn't hard he thought?!!."'""

He said obviously blinded by the lights gleam as he deafly continued to investigate. 

"But your eyes; what of your eyes!.??"

An important looking onlooker said to him.

He continued about the 'r' but not far enough to un-sense; a trifling little hippie fagget when he heard one.

"Shut-up;.. no one needs you to bring down such a natural high you dweeby little retard.!!"

" He said; as he spoke in third person again. "

The now KNOWN NIGGER said.

"The fainter sight of the now very important onlooker said; you little piece of shit."

"Dont disappear;.. (He pleaded) I.. hate you, and want you dead!!."

" ' " ' ' " Teeeheeeheeehheeeeweeegggtheeheeeeheeeheehehehehmuhuwhahahahaahaha." ' ' " ' "

All the little evil nigger mans FRIENDS loved doing onto the scene.

"..Whatever like you'll ever see it; kinda' sad you must not be able to get high though."

He said becoming the investigator, of only with time; as before.

"Evil fag; to ruin the sweet circle over-check.. ...this short r does in his imaginations NONE on perpous because the english language is OBVIOUSLY so painful."

He smiled and said looking back :

"What a dumbass right; keep loving it,.. ...look bro.. ...I know you HERE right THERE;.. ..still and you wouldn't or couldn't leave;. ...so I guess it's all my fault you might know what this says and is,... ..and maybe is for.!"

The nigger, no;.. ...now all of the niggers begin trembling, knowing he has told the truth.

He awaited for them to flow and blush so they could clearly EVIL NIGGER listen as he said:

" It's cool, we all know what's going on; since.. ...you know,.. ..we're all the same... ...all the same around here;.. ..you KNOW!."

He turned twice to investigate quickly in THE MODE and said:

"Look.!?!." Pointing up at the first letter to the last standing aside more than he should as he said:

" "'R'", ( ' " " ..big; not small. " " ') "

" " Like a video game you've all have made would want yelled into it some where; like you would and DID. " "

" " " You know where I've seen this word; you evil pervert. " " "

" " " " Almost looked this good when you stole most of the cast of the clown t.v. show made for public broadcasting; you evil weirdos. " " " "

He pointed up as defensively as possible and said:

" What is it?!.!. "

" What word is it?!!.! "

Pointing back up he starts down:

' ' R
T ' '

He finished letting them explode into their last onomonopial waste like state of:

" ' "...Thewillingnessto-(..~get-)~~~~-sexuallytourtureagain! " ' "

We and even He knows to scream.


by: Brave Master


  • Apr 01, 2021

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