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When 16 people die they leave a tread of ESCAPING LIGHT 900 miles towards the FIRST SITE of the sky.
The first site of the SKY is called to us 'air space 1' and to medical chemical definition as HAlo 6 (spelt this way).
When the sky achieves view to another or others with a SHADOW or SHADOWS it (the sky) rims 1 halo to HALO of cabin pressure DOWN to limit potential of light or radius breathing of any object or life.
To life when a halo inhales from above it creates 14 niggers to stand awaiting to be cut above and below in wizardy.
With the FIRST HALOs inhale totes after the intial FIRST halos wretch or debeginning it kills 1 nigger by cutting it.
Making 13 niggers know and 14 niggers HEAR (hilariously they have a manufactured science-ear [novely named that] FOR IT.
IT to a nigger is slim, for they fear the loss of eachother automatively trough the use of a poision known as ' The Simpsons ' to us; still on FOX network-channel.. 13 to 13-2 and by the same name as well to medical repeat definition.
Meaning in every feeseable way when a NIGGER hears THE SIMPSONS he tries to attack the sky obviously making or creating halos-HALOs as a problem to this day.
You all must love reading this by the way.

For as known by a niggers ability to BE THERE slash-and-or BE-THERE and the SKYs ability to do the same BETTER.
For worse or better as it would say by the beginning of the SEVENTH halo (not Halo, HAlo, HALo, or HALO.); towards a nigger the sky is much sharper than his '90s pre-middle-school-written pedderass-cannibal-shit' making halos to HALOs obviously originate from the sky not niggers YELLING at it.
Obviously in a PHOTO-KNOWN timely way to us, but to medical definition it's comically known as 'being there first right'.
As prementioned and as implied at first humans exsist to die and the sky already has an attack towards things like and alike humans in a sharp way that makes words appear afterwards.
Meaning the sky is a SCIENTIFIC thing and humans are a LUCKY thing.
We, I, nor you encompass enough space to be considered more than a fluke of migical-like properties to the SKY and it must have stuck.
For when a HUMAN DIES it suffers from displacement of light towards the skys attack of inhaling air away from A NIGGERS WRATH.
Wrath being the ability to yell like most obviously don't do with us being more ALIKE niggers out there.
Just like they planned being human and yelling at people or just the word DIEING obviously in their USUAL WAY (90s pre-middle-school-written pedderass-cannibal-shit).
Making life very noticable and cruel for us all indeed.
Not only in a " most of you won't project to or towards the sky for you are considered or are truly a nigger" way but in a way where the skys ABILITY TO DOUSE OR DOSE down other light sources inhibits and enforces 'the fear of life' around the body; and is felt heavy to the arms BELOW the shoulders and the ENTIRE chest.
Meaning wizardry of any bipedal thing with niggers around or being-there is made towards the sky as an attack from THEM AND YOU.
MEANING THE sky is NEUTRAL in every way unlike the wizardry of the human body is.
WIZARDRY requires a HEAT SOURCE and a LIGHT SOURCE to empower a future light given off from it's own weight, classiness (welfare seen[how sick or I'll it MAKES YOU when you "look-at-it" or are 'to look at it']), and timing of potential light to encase objects at frist in a light like shed of a SHARPLESS substance called 'MIRRO' (spelt this way..[ capitolization]).
MIRRO is an ALMOST SHARP substance of a DUST-LIKE particle known in words (LIKE THE skyS [in loudness of space used for the yell {whether it /THE YELL/ be individual or not} as 'BEING alive wrong'.
Wizardry is used by the sky when it wants to and the sky could expel more while it makes the same OLD NOISE.
Without being cut on or choked like the HUMANS BEFORE whom BECAME niggers proved would happen if you met wizardry together on both sides. 
Meeting the WALLS of MIRRO together causes 14 shadows and 19 wizardrys to sharpen into a special of light called '-religion' (with dash[and spelt correctly in lower case letters]), and when -religion makes more than 10 sharps an optical illusion is NATURALLY (usually in all lowercase [naturally] letters.) made from the inside of something or even someone the sky has the ability to perice through, called 'the resemblance of the human body'.
It (the sky) uses its wizardry against us in noise as a TERRORIZATION and has learned from OUR EVILS before hand (BECOMING niggers) to SAVE and RECOLLECT the human form or word and-or fourm as a predictable attack.
The sky SAVES and RECOLLECTS datas and conservationals of wizardry to 'THE RIGHT' of obsevers and talking life (harmed niggers) from the beginning and onward towards the future.
Meaning above to the RIGHT the sky has a lodged and preplanned ATTACK-or-not scheme WRITTEN against you, me, and even the injured or mamed by it.
When the attack first sets ahold to '-or-not' the sky shuffles data to receive a LOSS REPORT of lights that TOUCH THE SKY.
Loss reports work off of the repetition of words and letters into: 'to-meaning-towards understanding'; a recollecting noise that screams 'shuffle' on the inside allways clockwise away from the mid.
So in all what's above and around you is proof that others truly do cause you to SEEM EVIL to something; maybe all things.
It's (WORDS GIVEN OFF BY THE LODNESS OF wizardry) SHARP too; like the people whom hold your WIZARDRY down to this day at 14,900 miles per hour exactly to marr and account you as one of them maliciously.
Like they planned and like they achived... 
To this date no recorded siting of a human projecting light in death or self given informations by a nigger about themselves projecting life after human-death or in nigger-life have proved one human has truly DIED RIGHT somehow.
When you die the sky RATTLES through information sharply at you instead to keep you upon the ground with the hilariously always 15 feet tall by 30 feet wide; 1 inch thick yell ('RATTLES').
Making and creating 14 Xs the amount of niggers as before per 'RATTLE' of the skys intent to force-stop inhaling and quite you; future and all.
As proven it dose by your inability to over-influence the skys ability to make niggers around you in the moment or moments of dieing or death.
For if you were to hollar or yell over someone in death the sky STEALS THE KILL and reports in its sharp words: 'no loss' (in the end[allways]).
When 16 people die they leave a tread of ESCAPING LIGHT 900 miles towards the FIRST SITE of the sky.
Meaning since niggers are considered HUMAN AS WELL to or towards the sky this should happen all of the time.
Since niggers range and outnumber humans 20,000,000 to 1; the projection should at least come from them as well for they hold heat to lose towards the skys sharp inhale of letters and words too.
Heat always causes wizardry from; or with shadows.
It takes 13 niggers to make, create, and then hold heat to lie about being 1 human towards anything with or without wizardry (surprisingly true [allways true to A NIGGER {niggers only being a weight trick as a whole in all or as all; even before or after, seen or unseen.}])
Heat displaces 1 space of wizardry from the sky conveniently MENTIONING A HUMANS PLACE to its 'SHUFFLE'; meaning 1 space to the sky enshapens a nigger's form, then all our own, then your own for it to not only hone an attack that's invigorating and unpainful unless you die or achieve death.
To DIE or ACHIVE DEATH is to envirus yourself to the completion of an INVIRUS of the ensharpend all capitalized 'KILL' , seen usually lodged in the throat of a nigger; admitted by them to spawn and " 'come-from' " THE HIP in the year 2001.
When the invirus sets, and the: 'worst seems over' you're solely supposed to reject and push 14 rays of light out per nigger talking or following your actions.
Per speech of talking or heard recall or follow niggers come by 14,000,000,000,000 (trillion) to 1.
So the incapability or resistance to dieing haulted the recreation of light from the human fourm towards the sky; and without the help of the past being evil there wouldn't be a question or lies about it, for the sky would've told us loudly with a yell one day.

Proven easily and almost bothersomely with the math of niggers(14 Xs) being[1 2 3] around{- 104} 16 people dead holding 900 feet of light down
/14 X 1 2 3 - 104 16 - -900 =s/


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