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A numbing sorrow overhangs the child who's smaller,

Without guidance from the one and only mother,

The child strives for attention every since she was a crawler,

Little hands grasp to be held, neglected she's now a bawler,

Unheard the child starts losing hope as she's now a walker,

Sight of mother is how the child received hugs now a talker,

Words without guidance broken in pieces sounding improper,

Home alone for the tv doesn't respond to help the child become a scholar,

Being left in isolation with loudening silence because of dishonor,

Screaming at the ceiling unable to look you in the eyes no longer,

A babyhood fragile and living in regret taken by the robber,

Never outside as the child looses grasp of reality under water,

Only wanting attention as the child became the Inarticulate Toddler.  


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