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They say Love should be true,
I say Love should be Pious
They say Love is Costly,
I say Love is Precious..

Love can be anything but not at all Vicious.

A Love is not a Love if it costs your freedom,
A Love is not a Love if it Costs your smile ur laugh ur happiness.

Love never asks you to compromise wid your dreams,
No...definitely a Love can never be this
selfish and mean.

I have seen people falling in Love and not Rising ever again,
before you fall in Love, make sure you need nobody to stand you in need whn nobody is there,
not even the men or women you have fallen for.

They say Romeo and Juliet,
I say Shiva and Parvati,
They say Love is God,
I say love is beyond Infinity.

Love can be anything but not harmful as hell, toxic and vanamous.

They say Love is rare,
I say whn you see any poor in need Find your Love for him there.
Haha..They say Love can only be done from bod the sides
I say, Have you ever seen a mother  Pampering Her Child??

Love is beyond the expectations, 
Love is beyond the attachment and affection,
Love is far beyond taking care of each other,
Love is far beyond existing for each other,
But my frnd A Love should nver go beyond your Dream
A love never costs your passion you Desire your Dreams.

A Love will nver demand you But definitely ask you.
A Love will never stop you but definitely support you.

Love is an attire to wear on your body On your face,
Not a crual and wicked desire to be fullfilled forecefully in any phase.

A Love is a Love whn it is actually a Love.........
which is eccepted by you and your soul.
  • but not forcefully Mold.

Komal Priya Rajput..


  • Apr 01, 2021

  • Apr 01, 2021

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