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Shines and opens my eyes;
Opens my eyes and my dreams!
The dreams which were locked
With a key made of my will power;
Will be now made in front of the reality!
The book which was closed all these days,
Will be now opened by someone
Who will read it line by line
Who will read it word by word
Who will pronounce it thought by thought;
They will be in the room of enquiry!
Where the enquiror will be the sunlight!
Sunlight by it's every light,
Will ask them a question
And they will have to search it 
In the dictionary of imagination 
They will answer it 
To the soul inside the closed window
Of their dreams !
They will knock and find creams 
Made of their thoughts!
From that place :
They shall get it right;
That it was the sunlight which made me write! 


  • Apr 01, 2021

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