14 Colors Bounce (warm Up) Read Count : 20

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Drama
He was a MAN now top shelf, ain't; was he ever going back to being boring again.

" Bro; I noticed you became a part of the wreKKKKKage; Twisted Metal wasn't for you, not.. ...this way. "

"..Now that you can be a little hippie freak switchin' ya' costumes;.. loving every second of fucking with me while you w'ile-out with ya' homebois thin, ...little nigger. "

" Never be boring again sewn, that's what they'll say when its gettin' sexy off them x-rays you.. 'be... shootin' up; on your superhero shows; you bee-phoneless git. "

" ...I'm going to try to murder you forever with this shit,.. okay?!. "

" ' "My eyes bulged in knowing kindness after the words." ' "...
"..Your whole body screeched like a fagget... " " ..staring; staring he heard, right?. " " "" " Dink'elly-assed little motherfucker; like you gonna get a sentence in as I monologue your life, like this;.. from,... now on. " ""
: [Excuses/Clears throat] "He was a hellraiser man hellbent on ensharpening candy away from his fake moms lungs; somehow still anyways, cell phone clenched in hand.. ...but what is this ..is this,.. holo-illusion hand holding the truth his skin thought as he wished;.. yet never contacted his homebois in time,... I said trough your Edmund Scientific ' recorded long ago ',... ..we thought together maybe... just maybe we are truly the same."
"All the same around here boe."
"He said in to my "::mhy mushy pooouurr little earwezs" you mumbled to yourself; While all of our friends notice when its "' " ...-about ..-to ...-get;.. -sexy. " '" :"
"Got me boi?!.!"
" It's gonna get real sexy when you cut yourself on that 14 color again "' ' " the sharp shit that's still cutting you ["'"said."'"] " ' "" "
"Petty little fucktard, .."' " He heard.. ..-[,..-up near his poisonous sharp shit.
Where his fake mom Crest and rest in his perpousfully adolescent Nigger-mind. "
"What, wait.... I would, remind you of etsy-dot-com men being white; yo little fag."
"That's when he heard it... IT..
"' " What type of sex thing is this with your now claimed REAL-MOM to me, what about me; what about the rest of us huh!.??! "

" The evil man monoluging my life won't stop he said, as his mom's voice; now just his mom to us.. and our ears and voices as well...
..just you REAL mom right in 'em,.. right mother fucker?."
"When 14 colors bounce a nigger loses his hands to paint more white from the part city to make 14 paintings painted in real time.. badly... to eco the noise off of computer paper; that's why it's so tasty in a nasty glue way and painfull."
...I don't like the truth they BOTH said;.. the hellraiser fut and his REAL mom said and thought at the same time."
"..No, he said that's why I'm here; you never need those two things again.. ...he promised.!."


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