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That feeling of vulnerability, that feeling of wanting your companion, who lays next to you at night to touch you, to reassure you, but they turn there back to you shutting you out

 you want to feel the warmest of there body but all you can do is rub up against them, they show no willingness no attempts no sexual affection so you have no choice but to touch yourself while they pretend to be asleep

 you trace your fingers from your belly botton straight down to your pink lace underwear sliding your trembling hand in gently touching yourself moaning ever so softly rubbing your body up against his, but yet still he ignores you, you grind at your fingers to the imagination inside of your head, you use your left head to slowly caress your slightly hardened nipples while at the same moment you try to feel the warmth of his skin you have reached your climax and in that moment you relief yourself but only to feel the tears flow from your eyes then you lay still and ponder of his decision to ignore your sexual urges.


  • Mar 31, 2021

  • Mar 31, 2021

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