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The surging rapids of rage were turbulent ahead, 
as I paddled through the blackness with deepened disarray,

Leaving a trail to know where I came from by a thread, 
the muggy waters were turning grey,

My withering mindset was starting to shed, 
drifting in circles uncleanly thinking I  was in replay,

The agonizing confusion circling now in my head, 
my agency, my alignment was starting to decay,

The uneven turbulence because I didn't take the unleavened bread, 
was a painful reminder of every Sunday I'd have to repay,

Off balance and shaky, I was floating on my deathbed,
The rage was surrounding in misery, as I'd feel the spray,

Soaking my only protection as the cold became dread,
Becoming consumed with my heart exposed to be castaway,

I'll live to forget the animosity of evils pure bred,
My emotionally waterproof skin is now cracking as it turned to clay,

The signs were up and danger ignored as I never read,
For I was disillusioned to go forward under falsehoods archway,

Maliced rocks as I reached to stop turned the water red,
Gave triangulating piranhas the means to feed for I was the gourmet,

This Billowing Despondency became an internal bloodshed,
Placing everything that held me together broken on display.


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