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On my way to the outer space,
I found the wellspring of childhood,
When i came in contact with the forbidden garden.
Right through, situated in the centre,
There i thought to be a wishing well,
Like the tale of the man at the beautiful gate.
At the centre, with the stallions flying their arrows in the sky,
I tossed, and clock wisely i moved,
Confused about the path, down with a puzzled face.
I sighed, Alas! I peeped and saw where it fell,
I stretched and leaned on, only to see my efforts in hopeless desolate.
Right there, overtime, it never left,
Always waiting for my return,
There a true reflection is seen in the mirror goes the adage,
Indeed, mine i found in the reflection of water.
In wonder and anxiety i asked,
What this vision could be?
The tongue longs for a taste,
A drop on my buds and i knew i found the true key,
Which is the truth, the only that can set anyone free,
I found it, i found the name of JESUS!
Thomas Oluwatosin
© Fearless Lines


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