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Just a disaster in waiting.
Why keep trying?
I fall so hard, I try harder to show it.
I'm told I'm too much
Too messed up
Too needy
Too clingy
Quit messaging so damn much
Quit blowing me up.

I'm damaged, I'm a mess
I don't think there's any I love yous left. 
I'm damaged, I'm a mess
A so called complete fucking wreck.

I been healing
It's slow going
But its showing
More so, I been praying for guidance, instead of numbing or creating more pain with some cutting. 
I lost myself due to self loathing
That was my fault, no one else to be blaming.


  • Nice poem

    Mar 30, 2021

  • very nice sir 😊

    Mar 31, 2021


    Apr 05, 2021

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