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As if a sea borrowed her madness

erupting waves I see in eyes

O woe, my heart has been shaken

The waves are loud, so loud and rise 

As for the winds crept into a lock

I overcame my certainty in the splendor of her thoughts

As if anyone who fulfilled the poem was well informed

Knows the story aware of its content

White seduces those who cross their path

Brown with meme blends in ice

I wish that I and the sea far away leagues

The captain of vessel hidden her eyelids

It was said (No languages ​​narrowed for their people) *

They love and know her art

Among the roses I do not mind a rose

It is a paradise of fortune for those who will preserve it

O whole soul, compassion for myself

The soul is sensitive to its stillness

Woe to the distant if the distance exhausted him

To the stems the fullness of all their branches


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