White Fire 3: REUPLOAD 🔞 Read Count : 16

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Strong adult content. Language sensitive to some viewers. Content not suited for young nor immature viewers.


"Kumi, come," a deep voice called out. A girl walked into the room. She wore a maid outfit. Embarrassed, she blushed. "Yes..." She nervously said. The man waved her over; she hesitated but obeyed. The man smiled evily, looking up and down at her. Kumi covered herself.

"Yes," Kumi asked again, covering herself.
"A couple of friends are coming over soon, go to the store on SS Square Tank. Here's money, buy yourself something while you get us drinks, snacks, and cigars." The man explained everything, licking his lips and finishing his cigar.
"Yes, I'll go right now." Kumi rushed out the room.


She changed and headed out. SS Square Tank was another massive ship. Only difference was that it was full of stores and hotels. The store Kumi was going to was the most expensive. Known for its amazing cigars, self produced by them. It smelled like tobacco.

Kumi cried while getting the stuff from the list. A boy noticed and walked up to her.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing.." She lied, trying to avoid a conversation.
"You shake when a boy talks to you?" He asked, pointing it out too.
"Yeah.." Kumi eyes filled with shock, "how'd you know?
"Earlier I saw you talking to two women before, you weren't shaking."
"Yeah, I don't want to talk about it. It hurts and its disturbing.." Kumi said looking down.
"Here, press this button if he does anything." The boy vanished. Kumi looked around. Before paying and leaving she got herself a backpack and some snacks.


Kumi returned. Got back into her maid outfit and set everything up. Kumi went else where within the mansion while the gathering was happening. They smoked and drank and laughed. Kumi looked at the button.

"Press it if he tries anything."

"Kumi!" Yelled the man, "come now!
"Coming!" Kumi answered back tucking the button away in her apron.
"Strip." He demanded smiling.
"S-strip.?" Kumi asked, backing up.
"Strip!" He yelled.

Kumi took her clothes off. Slowly. The men smiled and continued smoking their cigars. The smoke choked Kumi while she took everything off. One of the older men grabbed the apron and found a button. He pressed it, but nothing happened.

"Why'd you stop?" One of the men asked blowing smoke in her face.


"I don't feel good about this." She answered covering her chest.
"But you still have an under shirt on and underwear."
"All of it!" Yelled the man. Kumi started crying.

"Hello!" Yelled a voice from outside.
"The fuck?"
"Either set the girl free or me and the Blu Insurgents are coming in and taking her!" Yelled the voice. Kumi recognized the voice, she smiled. The man got up, took the girl with her.

"Come get her!" He yelled showing Kumi's half naked body. She covered chest with the arm that's free and crossed her legs.
"Come!" He taunted them.

"My name is Inu Hashigun!" He yelled, "and I demand you to set her free! Or I'll do damage so that even your rich snobby ass can't afford to fix my destruction!"
"Inu.." Kumi said blushing.
"Hashigun!?" The man thought aloud.
"Let her go!" Inu threatened looking the man dead in the eye.
"Fine, here!"

Kumi ran over to Inu, hugging him. He gave her his jacket to cover up. Kitsune glared at the two.
"Someone getting jealous?" Kuma commented.
"Shut up dumbass, I never get jealous!" Kitsune got up to give Kumi the tattoo.

"Do you want to join us in the revolt to take down the Blu Sea!?" Inu asked with integrity and energy.
"Yes!" Kumi answered with no second thought.
"Perfect, Kitsune will give you the tattoo to make it official."

Kumi flinched a little. Kitsune rolled her eyes. After the process, they went back to their hideout.

"Will you like to join us in the revolt against Blu Sea?" Kumi replayed in her head.
"Yes! If it means being by your side, I would love too!" Kumi replayed what she thought should've happened.


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