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Wake up at three am
Make a pot of coffee
You must be awake
To start at three thirty

Work on a dairy farm
Is nothing but amazing
Bringing the cows in
From a night of grazing

Walking up the field
The dog comes too
The cows follow in order
Back to get some food

Once back in the barn
They all take their places
Each get a pile of straw
You should see their faces

One scoop of soybeans
And one of ground corn
Soon we will get the milk
Because it's very early morn

A few cows were shy
Maybe two or three
One was very timid
And she did not like me

One was very happy
Throwing food in the air
She must be content
And not have a care

Cows are so friendly
Petting them is good
And talk to them too
Puts them in a good mood

One bull was on the farm
I kept his pen clean
Gave him lots of straw
I'm glad he wasn't mean

The calves jump and run
So very energetic
I always liked them
Even when they kicked

I would love to go back
To a dairy farm again
With cows and bulls both
Dairy farms I give a ten


  • Nice poem

    Mar 29, 2021

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