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Love is an internal substance that makes you realize what you desire,

Love sometimes comes from a different direction because you're hooked on a liar,

Love will be known to you once your mind body and soul become one fire,

Love isn't the source of feelings that derive from your own perceived desire,

Love is reflected both ways with an internal wrench being held by pliers,

Love shall extinguish all fears in your path as you walk into a wildfire,

Love can be the be the byproduct of a lost battle found after the ceasefire,

Love will always pump up your soul even if your heart has a flat tire,

Love can show itself out of nowhere from the outcome of a crossfire, 

Love is etched internally upon your wooden heart for it will not backfire,

Love is fine tuned to keep pronouncing to the world with an amplifier,

Love doesn't require time and effort with the use of a magnifier,

Love can simply be your children, 

Because love is always there until you retire. 


  • Mar 29, 2021

  • Mar 29, 2021

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