Secreting Prevarication Read Count : 18

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The notion to hide what one will not confide, the pursuit of living in a lie,

Seeking honesty with blackened eyes for she will always defy, will always deny,

Regardless of the hurt as they cry, the children cannot verify the neglect in this painful lullaby,

Slicing truths with her mindful samurai, she'll never comply until I'm bone dry,

Narcissistic personality in oversupply, everything intensified as she turns a blind eye,

My battlecry against her evil eye can be heard worldwide as I'm amplified,

The little ones will beautify into wonderful butterflies because I'll be their fall guy,

With my intentions justified and my actions glorified, I'll protect them until I die,

For her abandonment will crucify as the truth comes out from behind, it'll declassify,

The dark cannot exist and rectify with light nearby, it'll overcome and she'll be tongue tied,

The children will be nearby as I build a future and fortify, to keep them safe while I nullify, I'll be they're peace and indemnify,

For her Prevarication is codified while the Secreting will disqualify, 

The truth will always be on standby, and the Negligence will be gone and purify. 


  • Mar 29, 2021

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    Mar 29, 2021

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