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VOCs represent the gases that are released from certain liquids and solids. As a rule, the organic substances such as chlorine, bromine, benzene, fluorine, formaldehyde, and toluene contained in some agents easily vaporize and become harmful for people. 

 What Impact Do VOCs Have On Your Health? 

Let’s suppose you use air fresheners and scented candles which may leave a pleasant odor inside your place. However, over time, there may appear some long-lasting health problems. The latent threat remains the same – VOC which is emitted along with the nice fragrance.  VOCs can cause the following health problems:

•	Headache
•	Allergy, 
•	Eye irritation,
•	Sneezing,
•	Sore throat
•	Dizziness
•	Nausea

 Duct Cleaning specialists  declare that long term exposure can lead to more serious health problems and cause asthma and/or affect the central nervous system. The question is: how can we minimize the negative impact or actually get it to zero? 

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