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Where are we going
New Times
New stuff
Newer manicures
Beautiful girls 
putty and wig
in a more modern pieces
Is it a she or a he
You sometimes wonder
Where are we going 
New restrictions
New laws 
which weakens
our affiliation with others 
No one to blame
It's for our best 
We wear mouthguards
because then you feel safe
We live our lives in quarantine 
Where is it going?
Who knows
Where are we going 
Viruses and pandemics 
Many suffer
Where are we going 
New dreams 
New goals
Where are you going my friend 
Maybe you dream of that become a world famous and famous legend
Who knows 
Fight hard 
I guess it's not that difficult
Said your mother sometimes 
You can if you just want to
You may have had a role model 
Where are we going
With distance between each other 
and others we are sitting with our 
new mobiles 
These are newer times
You can shop online for anything you want
That's great!
For those who want food 
then it stands outside your door
It might not have been better before
Then they displayed their food on a plate
To Santa Claus on the plot
But there was probably no Santa who ate up
It was probably more of a fallow deer 
Or another animal
Who wandered about in our unspoiled nature
which is now a memory blue 
Life on earth will probably be quite short 
That's probably quite implicit 
Where are we going


  • Apr 30, 2021

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