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The Oregon Business Registry is a resource that helps the small business owner to stay on top of licensing requirements, taxes, and other complexities. It was created by the Oregon State University College of Business and is available to all businesses, even those who are not-for-profit. To become certified as an Oregon business, an application is needed and it can take about 2 weeks to get everything together. Once the paperwork is in place, the business owner will be mailed a set of cards and identification cards. All the cards have the business name on one, the license number on the other, and the location information on the third card.
As a small business owner, you can expect to be called on at least once a year by the Oregon State Board for License Examiners. You will need to present them with your identification and prove your business meets all the licensing requirements. These include having the latest tax forms filed, proof that you have obtained a business insurance policy, and a statement from the Secretary of State that all licenses are in good standing. You can also expect to be asked questions at this time. In addition, if you decide to obtain a county identification card, the business must meet all city codes.
If you are called in for this meeting, you should prepare for it accordingly. You should inform the business owner that they will be required to come in at least fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled meeting. You should also prepare any business cards or identification cards for them that they may need. You should also inform them in writing if you plan to attend any additional meetings. If you can't appear, you should inform them within two hours so someone else can be present at the meeting and update their schedule.
When it comes time to apply for a business license, you will likely fill out an application. This application will ask you about your business history and you will have to provide proof of that history. This includes a detailed description of your business and a list of all your employees. All of this information will be used in determining your eligibility to obtain a business license. A business owner who is unable to supply the appropriate documentation to support his or her past business history may end up being denied this important paperwork.
The Oregon Business Registry can provide small business owners with many different resources. If you own or operate a small business, you can use the Oregon Business Registry's online resources to help you find tax services, such as payroll and benefits. The state of Oregon has a number of resources available to help small business owners to manage their finances.
The Oregon Business Registry can provide the business owner with tax services like paying taxes. It is possible for an owner to not be directly liable for an audit. That said, every business pays taxes whether or not they are legally required to do so. Every business should have an accountant on staff, even if they do not use a tax service. Using an accountant can save the small business owner time and money when preparing and submitting the tax forms to the appropriate agencies. Even if the business uses a tax service, the owner may still benefit from using a bookkeeper, since a bookkeeper can ensure that the accountant's checks and receipts are accurate.
The Oregon Business Registry can also prove beneficial to employers. Many employers use the Oregon Business Registry to verify information provided by potential employees. For example, if the prospective employee has a past criminal record, the employer may want to know about it. When using the Oregon Business Registry, business owners may be able to remove incorrect names or wrong spelling, which may have a negative impact on their standing with their potential clients.
The Internet has changed many aspects of our lives, including business practices. The Oregon Business Registry can prove helpful to both business owners and employees. It is a convenient way to conduct business and an easy way for employers to do their part in helping to keep the country safe. However, even if you are an Oregon business owner, the registry may be of value to you as well.


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