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Rise up.

Rise up the few, out of the many.
The many that permeate the very fabric of our reality.
Orion's belt.
God particle.
We live on a rock floating through space.
Majestically unspeakable…
Table talk: a three legged table will stand. A four legged table will stand more FIRM! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Cannot fuck with the furies! Rage, power, and LOVE! I am the fourth. The fallen. The silent. The unspoken. The snake that slithers into your home unseen. The apple bitten. The chalice. The prize at the end of the game show. Cocky and not. Tethered and free. I need no introduction. Do I?!
I am humbled to my knees as my spirit has left my body already this lifetime and I have DIED.
I AM THE WALKING DEAD NOW. Behold, the one who needs no applause.


  • Apr 30, 2021

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