My Mothers Monster Read Count : 21

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Graphic novel

She came across the mirror in which she avoided most days . Of Course today. The day of her mothers funeral. She catches a glimps of her mother staring back at her. But what? How could this be? Shes dead.. No not her mother a younger image of her mother but still the same shrudely selfish woman she grew to know as a child. The hate gazing back at her with that same spiteful smug that clinched to her lips. Adriana punches her reflexion and shatters the mirror. She standing in the hall so unfazed she forgot her mom's service is beginning and people are standing around her now. They're sniffles and apologetic eyes of pity enrages her yet again. She was ready to scream when she looked down to see her wrist pouring blood. A lot of blood. Then everything goes black... Fading away my only thought was "Fuck dont send me to Where ever she is!"


  • I feel your struggle. Keep pushing ahead!!

    Apr 29, 2021

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