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Strong chemicals, suffocating sprays, toxic bleach…At some point, all of us are forced to purchase one of these products at least once in a lifetime. But have you ever thought about the impact these agents may have upon your health or the health of your family?! Sometimes, even trying to infuse the house with some pleasant fragrance, you may disturb the peace of your folks. Stop chasing after much-trumpeted brands and chose the products you feel really comfortable with. What do you get in turn?  Healthier and cleaner household environment  for you and your family members. Sounds attractive, doesn’t it?

Let’s enumerate the items which are now commonly used in many houses and offices in Toronto. The items whose main goal is to clean or refresh the space but which, in their turn, actually harm the indoor air quality: 

•	Air fresheners,
•	Cleaning agents,
•	Toxic bleaches,
•	Scented candles,
•	Opened cans of paint,
•	Upholstered furniture.

All of the abovementioned products, along with many others, produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which pollute the indoor air and become dangerous for our health. 

Stay tuned!

In our next post, we will explain what VOCs are and what impact they have on our health. 


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