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There is a thread, woven of the summation of Her experiences, that continuously connects our reality throughout our understanding of time.
I imagine it stained, a blustery red with lunar illustrious-ness. The pigmentation of all women’s lifeblood. 
Our sacrificial piece of divinity that is painted as “un-polite to discuss” even with the monumental amount of energy that it syphons.
Red is a violent color, no?
Women are ALL too familiar with violence?!
Guess what? It’s also sacrificial by nature and annointed by our pain. It breathes life into our accumulated rage against the very entities that try and eradicate our power here.

The actual fact is that most men, can’t handle an unbridled woman in her glory. Untameable in spirit and driven to depths they tend to quiver at. 
Sex today is distorted and diluted into quick pleasure swill. No longer ripping the fabric of reality upon release, a cheap substitute for unencumbered love and passion. That requires authentic intimacy with ONESELF and ANOTHER. The aforementioned being a type of Reverence to God. Add another soul and that is COMMUNION…

The scales have been unbalanced for too long. She is now an annhilistic warrior.
Life itself was her bootcamp and she was trained by the very depth of your nightmares! Only to find herself, in herself and also on the dark side of the moon. For we all dwell there.


  • Apr 29, 2021

  • Apr 29, 2021

  • Apr 30, 2021

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