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Why must my past of being unfaithful to my beloved husband that now for the past few weeks my own mother in law has been accusing me and my father in law of sleeping together she believes that this has happened to the point that she no longer wants anything to do with me she won't talk let alone even acknowledge me when I ask or say something to her. Do to this situation I've now have become very depressed,saddened as well as sick to my stomach whenever I am at home it's hurts so bad that I even dread being at home anymore for I feel as though my mother in law no longer wants me there in her home I have become very distant from everyone including husband as I have been trying to find a way to show as well as prove to her that I wasn't the one who had given my father in law ( my mother in laws boyfriend) Hepatitis let alone ever done anything to or with her boyfriend aka my father in law 


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