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Allow me to race your mind with a story, 
I found a being as I pound the earth, 
The little star in the sky is a replica of her soul, 
But her very passings is a true void of deceit. 
My essence resonates with every bit of her presence, 
As her compass leads me to the bearings of her traits, 
I aspire for the flames of her deceit, 
Yet,  I ignored the blame of my desperation. 
I plugged my ears to the socket of the creator's word, 
Hoping to find solace in her errors, 
But I was also laced with questions by the creator, 
Why I left my radar unchecked despite the signals, 
Leaving my question unanswered. 
It wasn't a rhetorical though, 
Nor was it a dogma, 
But the nature of life reveals answers to questions unasked, 
As my mind grew the wings of answers to my question. 
Life is to love but  not to be blindly led, 
As life is not a problem to be solved, 
So we should know that the secret of true happiness, 
Is not in seeking more
But developing the capacity to enjoy less. 
Thomas Oluwatosin
© Fearless Lines


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