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Your smile won't stand still in my mind anymore it dances around like flickers of a light bulb.
I wish i could see what you look like now at 53 you must be a beautiful creature floating around the heavens like the angel you always were 
When i seem to be lost i visit you at the last place i saw you physically i have no idea if you know that I'm there or even if you remember who I am 
The living have a lot of different opinions on what happens to the dead when they die 
I wish some how i could communicate with you so i could tell you the things i wish i did when I had the chance.
I want to believe that you are in a better place but death is a place i fear its a place that when you go there there's no coming back.
If you do remember me if you are looking down at me i hope I'm making you proud i hope I'm not a disappointment and if the rumors are true that when you die you forget about your past life i hope that your soul is forever happy 
I hope that you are walking with the lord learning things that i can only dream of.
You are my mother the woman who gave birth to me who shaped me into who i am today i am grateful i just wish i had listened when I had the chance i wish I had done everything you wanted me to but i had to find my own way now i understand how hard you worked to take care of us now I understand why you wanted us to be better.
So weather or not you may remember i do i remember i just need that smile you pasted down to me to stop for a moment so i can admire it you once more


  • Apr 28, 2021

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