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I am a blue planet,
My home is the universe.
I am a part of the solar system,
Revolving around the fiery sun.

I rotate on my own axis,
Only to give you day and night.
I walk on the oval path,
Just to give you season and climate.

I have my own luxury,
In the form of water, land, air and life.
I have my own children,
Named as plant, human, animal and microbe.

I provide them everything,
Whether it's food, water or home to live.
I provide them all resources,
Clean and pure air to breathe.

I give my everything to them,
Yet, they are expecting more.
They are so hungry for their desires,
That they are not hesitating even to hurt me.

How long can I bear the troubles?
Now, I just want to cry on myself.
I am now suffocating in my own family,
Just need to relax in my mother's lap.

I am the mother EARTH,
Please, try to protect me.
I have enough for your every need,
But yet, you are killing me slowly in your useless greed....


  • hello everyone, as we all know our earth is getting sick and polluted day by day.. hour to hour.... it's facing so many challenges to survive just because of us... so this poem is a appeal to save our mother earth.... and in this poem too there may be some errors but now I am practicing for it to improve 🙏🙏😊

    Apr 27, 2021

  • Fab

    Apr 28, 2021

  • this makes me sad, it's so true 😥

    Apr 28, 2021

  • Well written

    Apr 29, 2021

  • aslm

    Apr 30, 2021

  • May 05, 2021

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