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Poor air quality in your home can be as a result of a lot more than just common pollutants that can be found everywhere. In some cases, a dirty environment is usually as a result of:

•	Smoke from constant cigarette smoking
•	Mold growth
•	Debris from construction or remodeling work
•	Lack of proper ventilation, which can be caused by a poorly functioning  HVAC system  .

Despite the causal factor for such conditions, the degradation of air quality is a significant trigger for asthma attacks and allergic reactions. The symptoms experienced can be light or severe, with some cases even landing people in hospitals or at the brink of death. If the condition is only light, continued exposure to a dirty environment can make it worse, especially in the case of young children. If you are in such a situation, it is best to avoid pollutants like strong-scented cleaners, cosmetics, perfumes, and candles, among others.

Also, you may have to reach out to a  duct cleaning service  more often than the ordinary healthy human.


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